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What We Provide

Website Hosting

Our bespoke plans mean that we can cater to your needs exactly, from a small website, to a market leading e-commerce website.

Hosted Email

Our hosted email offering is perfect for pretty much everyone. With mailboxes up to 25gb, and the ability to access anywhere, it makes sense!

Secure Cloud Storage Lockers

Our secure storage lockers offer users a place to store data, with the knowledge that no-one else can access it, not even us. Data is stored in containers using RSA-4096/SHA256 encryption.

UK Support

Every single one of our support agents is based in the UK, meaning we can provide highly knowledgeable support, in plain english.

Virtual/Dedicated Server Hosting

We can provide you with both virtual and dedicated servers, because this is hughly customisable, contact us for a quote.

Website Design

We work closely with a website design agency, to ensure that you get what you want, whether its a personal blog, or a new business, we can help you do it.



Feel free to contact us using the form or details below and a member of our team will be happy to help. We aim to respond within 12 hours, but sometimes it is a little longer.